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Freedom to Dance

A unique international competition, where for the first time in Belgium we invite all disabled dancers (both with a physical disability, as well as mental, visual and even hearing impairment) to participate in order to set up a fully inclusive event where no distinction is made between dancers.


One part of Freedom to dance will be the Open Belgian Championship of wheelchair dancing, where Belgian wheelchair dancers can compete in an international field for the title of Belgian Champion 2022.

Another part will be the World Cup WIDA (World Integrative Dance Association). in this competition, dancers of all disabilities are welcome and can compete in different series for the WIDA World Cup 2022.


in both cases dancers can participate in D-class, A-class and Headclass and there can be participated in different dance styles: ballroom, latin and freestyle (showdance, modern, ballet, folk, ...).

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General information

- Date:      24 + 25 September, 2022

- Venue:   Sports Arena 'De Soeverein',
                    Sportveldenstraat 10 
                    B-3920 Lommel

- What:    Open Belgian Championship Wheelchair dancing
                   1st World Cup in Integrative Dance 2022

- Time:      Saturday 11h00 - 18h00

                    Sunday 11h00 - 18h00

Competition - Entry

We are organizing a competition for:

- All types of disability (physical, visual, mental, auditive, multiple, ...)

- All dance styles (ballroom, latin, showdance, ballet, folk, modern, hiphop, ...)

- All categories (solo, duo, combi, groups)

- All classes (class 1, class 2)

- All levels (Debutant, Amateur, Topclass)


The Belgian championship of wheelchair dancing will follow the rules of Para Dance Belgium regarding ballroom & latin + showdance.

The World Cup WIDA will be held under the rules of the World Integrative Dance Association.

Information about the competition:

- Medical permanence and assistance are provided by the Red Cross

- Technical support is provided by ‘TNS België’.
- There is parking space in the immediate vicinity of the sports hall.
- Eating is not allowed in the sports hall, dancers are only allowed to bring water or energy drinks.
- Drinks and snacks are available in the cafetaria.
- There is the possibility to register for a nice BBQ on Saturday evening, following the competition.
- Insurance: We assume that the wheelchair dance club or the instructor who registers the participants has made the necessary arrangements fort he insurance of the dancers. The organiser, GSVToekomst and Para Dance Belgium are NOT responsible for any accidents or loss of possessions.


The competitions will be judged by an experienced team of Belgian & International judges.

More information about the judges will follow approximately one week before the competition.

Entry forms:

- Dutch:   Download Dutch entry forms

- English: Download English entry forms


Final Program: 

Saturday September 24, 2022


   9h00: Doors open

   9h55: Welcome + Flag Parade

   10h00: First finals

          D-class Duo 1 (numbers 4-7)

          D-class Duo 2 (numbers 10-12)

          A-class Combi Standard 1 (numbers 25) + Standard 2 (numbers 28)

          H-class Combi Standard 1 (numbers 54) + Standard 2 (numbers 57-60)

          Mental disabled couples Combi Standard 1 (numbers 107-109)

          Senior class Standard Duo 2 (number 94) + combi 1 (number 97) + Combi 2 (numbers 100)

          Mental disabled couples Combi Standard 2 (numbers 112-114)

          A-class Duo Standard 1 (numbers 17) + Standard 2 (numbers 20-22)

          H-class Duo Standard 1 (numbers 44-45) + Standard 2 (numbers 48-51)

   11h30: Short Break

   11h35: Second final + first final

          D-class Duo 1 

          D-class Duo 2 

          A-class Combi Standard 1 + Standard 2 

          H-class Combi Standard 1 + Standard 2 

          Mental disabled couples Duo Standard (numbers 127 - 129)

          Senior class Standard Duo 2  + combi 1 + Combi 2 

          A-class Duo Standard 1 + Standard 2 

          H-class Duo Standard 1 + Standard 2 


   13h00: Lunch break 

   14h00: Start afternoon session - First Final

          H-class Duo Latin 1 (numbers 63-64) + Latin 2 (numbers 67-69)

          A-class Duo Latin 1 (numbers 31) + Latin 2 (numbers 34-36)

          A-class Combi Latin 2 (numbers 39-41) 

          Mental disabled couples Combi Latin 1(numbers 117 - 119)

          Singles woman 2 (numbers 85-91) 

          Children (numbers 103-104) 

          Singles woman 1 (numbers 80-82) 

          Mental disabled couples Combi Latin 2 (numbers 122 - 124)

          H-class Combi Latin 1 (numbers 72-73) + Latin 2 (numbers 76-77)

   15h00: Short break 

   15h10: Second Final 

          H-class Duo Latin 1 + Latin 2 

          A-class Duo Latin 1  + Latin 2

          A-class Combi Latin 2

          Mental disabled couples Duo Latin (numbers 133 - 135)

          Singles woman 2


          Singles woman 1

          H-class Combi Latin 1 + Latin 2 

   16h00: Short Break

   16h10: Price Presentation + national hymnes

   17h15: End of the competition

Sunday September 25, 2022

   12h00: Doors open

   12h55: Welcome 

   13h00: Freestyle Belgian Championship

          Solo Women 1 (numbers 4-6)

          Solo Women 2 (numbers 9-12)

          Duo 2 (numbers 15) 

          Combi 2 (numbers 18)

          Groups - children (number 20) 

          Groups (numbers 21-23)

   14h00: Break

   14h20: Freestyle WIDA

          Modern Groups (numbers 41-42)

          Modern couples (numbers 36-37)

          Modern Solo (numbers 30-32) 

          Showdance Solo (numbers 46-49)

          Showdance groups (numbers 53) 

          Hiphop/streetdance solo (numbers 55)

          Hiphop/streetdance groups (numbers 58-59)

   15h30: Demonstration

   15h45: Freestyle WIDA

          Caribbean solo (numbers 64)

          Ballroom/Latin solo (numbers 63)

          Ballroom/Latin groups (numbers 62)

   16h00: Price Presentation + national hymnes

   16h45: End of the competition


 Official Hotel

The official hotel of the Freedom to dance cup is the beautiful Corbie Hotel Ring Lommel.

The Corbie Hotel, located near the ring way in Lommel, opened its doors on Februari 28th, 2018. This modern building offers 27 hotel rooms and 20 business flats. The interior is playfull with a lot of colors and glass. Working with glass was an obvious choice; white sand is mined and processed in Lommel, and this fact was creatively integrated in the design of the hotel. The spacious breakfast room and meeting room are at your disposal for meetings, receptions, workshops, breakfassessions and busness diners.

Being a very new hotel, the whole site is accessible for wheelchair users, there is an elevator to reach all floors, and all rooms are spacious enough to host people with a disability. 

- Address:   Binnensingel 70, B-3920 Lommel

- Price:          85 euro per person per day, half-board (breakfast + dinner)

                         --> this price is only valid while booked by the organiser

- Booking:    Via email:

                         --> Closing date for booking: September 5, 2022

- Payment:   In advance, together with the entry tickets

Organisation - Partners

Organising committe:

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